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Experienced in commercial finance and properties since 1971, the principal has re-entered the UK property sector after 12 years of overseas appointments.

First the three and half years of Brexit deadlock and then the Coronavirus lockdown – the challenges ahead have created a bundle of opportunities within the UK property sector. The daily quality market updates are even more so vital for the decision-makers in uncertain months ahead.

We aim to support you with quality 360-degree comprehensive sector news and views under a single umbrella so you could make that balanced decision amid the challenges and the opportunities. The website is custom designed for not only our clients but also all those who seek to engage in the property-related transactions and it includes the following sections that provides recent updates and linked to archieves:

* Coronavirus and its impact on the property sector – including the recession proven long term healthcare sector

* Funding information and choices

* International currencies

* Property & related insurance

* Short, medium and long term market valuations

* Property related accountancy matters

* Auction dates and its results

* Professional associations views on the property sector

* Free & paid webinars and other informative communications

* Property market-related features

* Properties related legal issues 

* Advertisements

In a nut-shell, from our tiny cabin, we are here to support everything that matters in the trading from the commercial center of the world, London.